Invoice Terms And Conditions
  1. Order, once placed can not be cancelled under any  circumstances . If the delivery of ornaments ordered, is  not taken in  time, interest will be charged @ 18% p.a. on the due  amount and with regard to the (if) increased market cost . Ordered goods will not be delivered without receipt.     
  2. No loss in weight will be deducted for gold jewellery purchased from Govind Dande & Sons if brought for resale or exchange. (Excluding Mani, Thushi, Morani.)     
  3. The firm will not be responsible for any unavoidable  delay in the delivery of ordered goods.      
  4. Gold deposited or advance money paid against any order placed will not be returned under any circumstances .     
  5. Goods sold herewith will not be exchanged .     
  6. Goods sold are in good condition and need to be handled carefully. The firm will not be responsible for any damage henceforth .     
  7. Tolerance in the weight of goods is 0.05 mg. hence the firm is not responsible for the same .     
  8. The firm will not be responsible for purity of goods if their form has been changed .       
  9. This bill should be produced for any further  transaction of the sale.   We will deal with the original buyer only .     
  10. The cost of pearls, Stones, enamel etc., making charges  & taxes will not be realised .     
  11. For resale 22 k. gold goods will be offered 5% and 24 k. gold goods will be offered 1.5% less than the current market rate.     
  12. For exchange 22 k. gold goods will be offered 1.5% less  than the current market rate of 22k gold.   
  13. While purchasing 24k. vedhe/coins against 22k. ornaments the payments for 22k. will be made accordingly to current barter rate for 22k. can be purchased as per the current rates. Both the transactions are to be considered separately.   
  14. 22 Carat Gold Coin will be exchanged considering  its current rate.  For encashment ,   ₹200 per10 grams shall be deducted as per current  rate of 22 carat.  
  15. For resale silver goods will be offered 2.5% less than the current market rate.   
  16. Fabricated (डागी) silver goods will be considered 70% of the weight for resale and offered as per current resale market rate.   
  17. The ornament brought for selling if the amount payable Rs. 10,000/- or above will be paid by A/c. Payee  cheque only .    Full assurance regarding the lawfull ownership of the  goods sold to the firm, has been given by the customer.  It has also been indemnified against all claims, demands  and consequences, in respect thereof.  Satisfactory  amount of the goods has been paid by cash / cheque.