Our Process

At GDS, giving the customers the best product and the best buying experience is our topmost priority. Guided by values of transparency and customer centricity, we always strive to give the best of the best.

Our process to get you the best of jewellery from all over the country is executed by the following steps:

To make the finest jewellery we need finest gold. Responsibly sourced gold is used to fulfil all our jewellery needs.
GDS has a wide network of 100+ suppliers from all over India to be able to meet all the jewellery demands of our beloved customers. Based on customers’ design preferences and choices, we carefully bring in jewellery which they will love to wear.
Quality check
Once our jewellery pieces are sourced successfully, comes the most important part. i.e quality check. Our dear customers put their valuable trust in our jewellery for purity, quality and durability. Our team of dedicated employees make sure that all ornaments go through quality inspection where factors like purity, joints, and make of the ornaments are checked to ensure the best product is delivered to our customers.
Inventory management
Following a successful QC process, we map each and every piece of jewellery into our State-of-the-art ERP system which allows zero errors while processing and enables us to serve you during the sales process smoothly.