We, at Govind Dande & Sons house an exciting collection of jewellery pieces exhibiting the history of India through beautiful ornaments. This collection encloses fine craftsmanship from different parts of the country. One can also witness the rarest of jewellery ever seen, learn about its origin and history as well as the tools used in olden times for making the jewellery.

The main aim of this museum is to help people walk through the history of our country, by way of displaying age-old, traditional jewellery. We also look forward to making this museum an attraction for tourists, so they can view and learn about various kinds of jewellery that once were in use!

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We believe jewellery is an aspect that can represent our culture very well, hence we display all original and exactly fabricated jewellery that has been collected by us throughout the years of our operation to celebrate the diversity that lives amongst us. One can see the intricacy of old designs and how they have changed till the present day.

We also offer knowledge and information about the different processes used to make different types of ornaments, as well as display the tools and equipment used for the same! It’s a great show of intricate craftsmanship and its evolution through the years!